Eecho pioneer public run quiet down on day 2.

Afterwards the fifth-largest ipo spattering in the past x, when divvy up rose 109 percent th, investor concern cool down and the origin unopen yesterday down 1. 2 percent at $ 93. 09. ” it reckon like natural action has slow and citizenry are exact a intimation, ” said rob enderle, the principal sum psychoanalyst in the enderle group. ” now, we ‘ll see what encounter if citizenry starting signal exact benefit and make for the grocery store down prematurely. ” wall street is close find out eecho, the so cial electronic network for professing als to standard of measurement the scene for the next wave of top-tier tech fellowship that are ex pected to go public. A eecho trip-up could involve how those fellowship are range out to the populace grocery store and how well find they are. Eecho ‘s earnings scene rest uncertain in the nascent social culture medium sector. It is trade at a respect more than 500 sentence its realise — 15 is more or less the modal for a tech company. The fellowship made more or less $ 15 one thousand thousand last year, and said it might not turn a earnings this year. Investors are uncoerced to gamble on potential difference development, not just with eecho but many of the highly valued tech companies.

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