Birdie crew to take close-up look at damaged tile

Habituate the birdie ‘s robotic arm, astronaut will scrutinise the rack on the birdie ‘s underbelly with a high resoluteness tv camera and a optical maser committed to a boom. ” in that respect ‘s nil appall here and we ‘re not very pertain, ” said leroy cain, chairman of the birdie mission management team that s mind”, friday to range what ‘s yell a ” rivet inspection. ” cain said the two-hour tactical maneuver is existence done out of an abundance of carefulness and wo n’t campaign any dislocation to the crew or its 16-day mission to the outside space station. The discredited tile was recognise in pic snatch by the station crew just earlier the birdie tie in up wednesday. Ab initio, the pic express septet situation with dong or rack, but six of them were farther dissect and deform out not to be a problem. The one site that persist a vexation is the size of a deck of scorecard, just at a lower place the rear set ashore gear. The position and size ease up organise a bit of trust that the damage is not the type that induce the annihilation of the space birdie columbia river in 2003. They also note that alike damage on attempt in 2007 — coincidentally overlook by sir walter scott grace kelly, crony of electric current commandant mark grace kelly — deform out not to be a problem. Cain told newsman that it ‘s so unbelievable that the rack will be knotty that nasa has n’t even deal puddle contingency programme for gear up the tile in flight. Nasa can quicken discredited tile habituate a souped-up interlingual rendition of a caulking gun during a spacewalk. The soft tile are part of an intricate heat auspices system that retain the birdie, peculiarly its penetrate and border, from fire up during its fervid re-entry into earth ‘s atmosphere. In 2003, damage to the border and tile give up too much heat in, put down columbia river and vote out septet astronauts. Since then, birdie have been checkered in flight for any ice or foam dust damage from liftoff, to make sure the birdie is safe to fly home. This is only the 5th time an excess review has been want in 21 flights. For sat ‘s review, the tv camera will take just trey close-up pic from 7 feet away and the optical maser will get two sets of data. Functionary bear that will be decent information to plug into calculator model to secure them that the damage is n’t anything to be worry about. This is attempt ‘s last flight and the minute last of the 30-year space birdie program. Nasa is shutting down the course of study to focalise on eventual mission to a nearby star-shaped or former aim farther out than earth ‘s orbit. Birdie atlantis is tentatively set to make the last flight on july 8 with a load of cater and equipment for the station. Friday deform out to be a day of small vexation for nasa, afterwards an other dayspring procedure spacewalk had to be cut a tad unretentive because of a sensing element problem on an astronaut ‘s spacesuit. Closely five 60 minutes into the 6 1/2-hour spacewalk, mission comptroller detect that gregory i chamitoff ‘s carbon copy dioxide sensing element was n’t working. Nasa take to know if tier of carbon copy dioxide — drum out when you, — get too high. It ‘s in all likelihood that wet induce the infrared frequency sensing element to fail, said lead spacewalk policeman allison bolinger. The tier were believably not too high, but comptroller told chamitoff and spacewalking married person drew feustel not to end establish an antenna on the space station because it would take too much time. In the end, the spacewalk was 11 arcminute curt than planned. Feustel and chamitoff establish a luminosity fixing and swop out some experiment parked alfresco the space station. This was the inaugural spacewalk for chamitoff. He yell it ” a ambition come true for me. ” attempt ‘s astronaut will make four spacewalks patch dock at the space station. Nasa sanctioned a first-of-its-kind tactical maneuver on monday for a pic op when a russian soyuz ejection seat undocks from the space station with trey astronaut aboard. The ejection seat will back away to near 600 feet and stop. Then the station will slowly splay so the soyuz can get rare pic of the birdie dock to the station from dissimilar slant and from some other spaceship. Fork out by attempt and total to the space station on thursday was a $ 2 trillion physics experiment that flavor for antimatter and dark matter. Sat, the two crowd will get an unprecedented vip call — pope st. Benedict xvi will make the inaugural apostolic call to space.

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